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Structural Feature

  1. Housing cast by 1800T Buhler die-cast machine, featuring high strength, compact structure and smooth profile.
  2. Material pressure die cast aluminium
  3. Reflector is made of high purity aluminum anodized, polished.
  4. Toughened glass shade of high strength and transparency.
  5. colour Any RAL colour upon request
  6. lock Stainless steel with spring operation.
  7. Maintenance Luminaire opens without tools by loosening stainless steel lock & lifting up the top cover.

Gasket silicon sealing

Technical Parameters

  1. Housing’s Anti-corrosion property: Class II
  2. Electric class: I
  3. Lamp holder: E-27/E40
  4. Nominal voltage: 230V -50Hz
  5. Lamp source: 150W-250W-400W High Pressure Sodium, Metal Halide
  6. Protection rating: IP65
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Item No Lighting Source Power Factor Voltage Lamp Holder Mounting Hole
IRON FYZD-80A SON400T 400W >0.85 AC220-240V E40 Φ60
IRON FYZD-80A SON250T 250W >0.85 AC220-240V E40 Φ60
IRON FYZD-80B SON150T 150W >0.85 AC220-240V E40 Φ60
IRON FYZD-80B SON70T 70W >0.85 AC220-240V E27 Φ60